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All in all, it is time to say goodbye to Shi Academy. Once more, I need to tell you all
that in it's replace, it will be remade into a different site, although it will be in a different
link, please remember, to save all your things. Although it will have different rules, and
different styles. We hope to see you there..


 The Naruto RPG

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The Naruto RPG Left_bar_bleue200/200The Naruto RPG Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)

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PostSubject: The Naruto RPG   The Naruto RPG I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 03, 2011 11:18 am

Join the Naruto RPG!

Click Here!

The Naruto RPG 1346f273

There's loads!
-Gain awards from special events
-Read or crate guides on how to play
-Join teams, lead teams, create and join missions
-Gain unique items by defeating special bosses
-Join and pass exams to rank up
-Buy equipment, kunais, shuriken, scrolls...
-Summon or battle with familiars
-Buy homes and pets
-Get jobs to help around the site
-Create a clan or join a clan
-Use clan funds to buy special equipment and items
-Act out your character's storyline
-Meet people in other villages at the borders
-Join Epic Missions that involve every country
-Hunt down the legendary weapons
-Join a lottery
-Have a country-wide war or clan war
-Take part in quizzes for item or cash prizes
-Brave the Ninja Warrior Obstacle course
-Talk about anime, manga or other things in off topic!

We have many things that other forums do not too!
-Naruto RPG timeline
-Tracking of jutsus learnt via stats
-No Limits RPG (no stats)
-Player-owned shops
-Epic Missions that involve every country!
-Weekly and even daily updates!

Rank up and become the best!
Genin - Pass the Genin Exam at the end of your academy training days.
Chuunin - Pass the Chuunin Exams when they are held.
Special Jounin - Show mastery skill in one area, perhaps in the Jounin exams when they are held.
Jounin - Pass the Jounin exams when they are held.
ANBU - You will be specially selected.
Hokage - Be the best Ninja in the Village. (Must be Jounin Rank or above.)

Become your ninja dream!
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The Naruto RPG
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